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St Mª del Naranco School

Accessible website that integrates teaching activity management, student tracking, communications between parents and teachers, and course and exam catalogues for students.

The Santa María del Naranco school website meets web accessibility criteria and incorporates a content management application to manage corporate information on the school website.

It also incorporates Liceo as an online management platform for teaching activities. This provides a modern e-learning platform for online training. It also incorporates functionalities that allow you to manage the teaching activity of the school or training centre.

In short, the Santa María del Naranco school website allows:

  • E-Learning allows the possibility of learning at any time from anywhere is attractive to everyone. If we have good communication tools with the tutor, the reluctance of some people disappears, given the overwhelming majority of advantages.
  • It contains an evaluation module that allows you to create exams. These are definable: multiple-choice tests, developmental tests, etc. It also contains several additional modules that give it added value: bibliography, glossary, etc.
  • Private area for parents and teachers which allows, among other things, a complete monitoring of the students by both parties.
  • Students' area that allows them to access very useful information for them.
  • Communication tools such as forums and chats.
  • Other communication tools that allow communication with users connected to the Web.

The school's web solution allows all of this to be accessible from any device with an internet connection and from any location and at any time. The data is also stored centrally, securely and with daily backups.

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