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Diseño web Asturias, Madrid

Design and development of accessible web portals

At Sentido Común we strive to develop creative and operative applications and web pages that achieve our clients' objectives from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.

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Optimización y posicionamiento en buscadores

Search engine optimization and positioning

At Sentido Común we advise and train our clients in natural positioning strategies based mainly on improving web content, analytics, monitoring and positive feedback.

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marketing online

Online Marketing

We help you transform your website into a powerful communication tool to reinforce your visibility, maximize your sales and your company's potential.

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aplicaciones Iphone

Development of applications for smartphones

The proliferation of mobile devices makes it possible to create solutions that were unthinkable until recently. At Sentido Común, we have experience developing mobile applications, mainly on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android platforms.

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icono web movil

Web mobile

At Sentido Común we are committed to web development adapted to mobile devices. As you can see on this website, its presentation varies according to the size of the device from which it is accessed, which is called "responsive" design.

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alojamiento web empresa

Web hosting with virtual servers

We have our own infrastructure of virtual servers on physical equipment with disk cabinets; a set that offers high availability. All of this is housed in a state-of-the-art datacenter, with control systems for environmental conditions, security and high-capacity and responsive connections.

asesoramiento legal, lopd,lssi,diseño web,desarrollo web,gestor de contenidos,cms,asturias,madrid

Lopd y Lssice

Legal advice for the new technologies

At Sentido Común we offer advice on legal matters through an expert in New Technologies Law, auditing, consultancy, and legal advice.

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