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Desarrollo de apps para iOS, Android.
App development  Design and development of apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Development of mobile apps with content management system.

The ESENCIA content manager allows centralised management of a company's different websites and apps.

esencia cms
Esencia CMS Web Portal Management System

Esencia is the "Essence of Common Sense", a professional and intuitive website manager designed for those without prior IT knowledge who need to manage an entire website for advanced services.


Liceo is an e-learning platform and a support for in-class education.

The platform is highly flexible and has a large variety of modules which enables users to manage a training environment without needing any technical knowledge.

Responsive Design Access to our website from any mobile device  

Try it out: resize your browser window or visit this website from any mobile device. You will see how it adapts to the available space.

Pitaghoras gestión de proyectos
Pitaghoras Project Manager

Pitaghoras is a Web application that enables effective project management. It facilitates the integral management of the projects that the company carries out.


Latest projects

Create your website with Common Sense (Sentido Común)

ESTELA BELLEZA is an aesthetic and cosmetic medicine centre with more than 45 years of experience. An impeccable track record that has positioned it as a benchmark for aesthetics in our country.


Arándanos el Cierrón is a family business, the result of more than 30 years of work and effort dedicated to the world of blueberries and berries.


Web design and development with e-commerce functionality for a high quality cutlery products company.


Development of an online shop for Comercial Astur: hairdressing and cosmetics products.


Private clinic in Asturias, with more than 40 years of experience taking care of your health.


The website of the association "Oviñana Turismo y Ocio" has been developed with the intention of making this wonderful part of the Asturian coast known and, at the same time, to promote tourism in this area of the council of Cudillero.


Development of an online shop for Comercial Astur, hairdressing and cosmetics products.

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