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Euroganadería.eu is a digital newspaper created and promoted by a team of livestock experts, with the intention of uniting all the interests of the sector and bringing them closer together, to the benefit of all parties.

Periodico digital CMS Qcom.es

Digital Newspaper Qcom.es

Digital newspaper for the dissemination of food content to consumers.

logo tribuna ciudadana

Tribuna Ciudadana

Web development of a collective of an eminently cultural nature, a democratic society made up of people of the most varied ideologies and united by a single and primary objective: to make the most important and highest quality contemporary voices and the most interesting and current issues for society available to the largest possible number of Asturians.

logo Luis Gonzalo Segura

Luis Gonzalo Segura

Luis Gonzalo Segura, former lieutenant in the Spanish Army and author of the novels 'Un Paso al Frente' and 'Código Rojo' and the essays 'El libro negro del Ejército español', 'En la guarida de la bestia' and 'El Ejército de Vox'.

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