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Create your website with Common Sense (Sentido Común)

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Desarrollo de apps para iOS, Android.

App development  Design and development of apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Development of mobile apps with content management system.

The ESENCIA content manager allows centralised management of a company's different websites and apps.

Responsive web design Websites that adapt to device size (mobile, tablet or PC)

The responsive layout shows the content in the most appropriate way according to the screen width of the device.

Try it out: resize your browser window or visit this website from any mobile device. You will see how it adapts to the available space.

esencia cms

Esencia CMS Content Management System

ESENCIA is a professional and intuitive Web Content Manager, designed so that people with no prior knowledge of computers can manage an entire portal, corporate website or intranet, publishing a wide variety of information in fully manageable sections.

Pitaghoras Project Management System

PITAGHORAS is a Web application that enables effective project management. It facilitates the integral management of the projects that the company carries out.

Pitaghoras gestión de proyectos
Exprime Google

Squeezing Google Web Marketing and Positioning

Squeeze every last drop out of your website. We offer you expert and personalised advice to guarantee you tailor-made SEO, SEM and SMM.


LICEO is a support system for face-to-face and online education through the Internet, compatible with the ESENCIA content management system.

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