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Web Portal Management System

Esencia is a professional and intuitive website manager designed for those without prior IT knowledge who need to manage an entire website for advanced services.

esencia gestor de contenidos web accesible

Esencia is made up of a wide variety of customizable modules which can be easily installed, updated or extended according to the client’s needs.

It integrates all the modules in the same environment and facilitates the management and allocation of permissions to each of its sections.

Esencia generates websites using search engine friendly standard models compatible with mobile devices and accessible for people with audio or visual impairment.

It complies with personal data protection regulations and includes options for advanced security for sensitive data projects.

Esencia is available in English and Spanish.

Advanced content manager: Formatted text, images, downloads, links, videos, Google Maps, tables, sound, flash, documents, surveys, forms, exams, products, control of occupied space, reuse or deletion of unused files.

Image editor: Automatically optimizes size. Allows for the cropping and flipping of images, text superimposition, images or watermarks.

Statistics: detail of visits to sections with time graphs, counter for downloads, links clicked, searches performed, forms delivered and monitoring the activity of every registered user.

User management: restricted access areas, multi-administrator, access permissions and area management.

Communication tools: internal webmail, forums, chats, pop-up messages, etc.

E-bulletins: mass e-mailing with graph format, SMS and MMS, with a detailed monitoring of the readings and visits generated.

E-commerce: products, orders, statuses, shipment costs, destinations, types of shipment, shopping cart, private client area.

E-learning: exams, bibliography, glossary, student monitoring, marks, reports, schedules, student-teacher-parent communication, etc.

Questionnaire creation: text fields, simple or multiple selector, drop-downs, files, etc.

Job announcements: creation of announcements (multi-company) and reception of proposals.

Real estate assets: complete building file, public and private data, management of visits, costs, etc.

Reservations: hotels, rooms, seasons, occupancy, prices, etc.

Mobile applications: development and integration with applications for iPhone, Android, etc.

Dynamic management of positioning strategy: allows for cataloging information for optimum positioning with titles, descriptions, key words, links and friendly URLs and a proper SEO design.

On the whole, Esencia enables integrating a wide range of modules with a large scalability on a website based on the client’s needs. It is a flexible, adaptable system with a successful track record in projects with high technical demands and its layered design allows for periodic updates of the content manager without interfering with the graphic display.

The content manager publishes information with text, images, videos, maps, tables, sound, flash, documents and links.

Text: includes an editor to provide a basic format to texts to be published.

Images: the system permits choosing images from the drive or server and clearly adjusts them to the appropriate size for the user.

Videos: enables publishing videos in numerous formats and sizes. For FLV, YouTube and Vimeo videos, the video is integrated on the website by simple identification.

Sound: enables publishing mp3 files on the website which can be easily played from the environment itself without the user needing to open external applications.

Google Maps: includes a map for any point on the webpage by simply indicating the address or GPS position of the location. Allows for the creation of a “say bubble” with image, description, link, zoom, etc. It also has an alternative image to the map and enables map selection of satellite, map or hybrid.

Tables: easy creation of accessible text tables with headers, order control and the creation or elimination of rows and columns.

Flash animation: accessible integration on the web

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