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School transport tracking app

ESENCIA BUS solves the tracking of bus passengers with planned routes.

The system is primarily intended for schools, where parents can know if their child is getting on or off the bus, as well as change the stop when necessary. It is also useful for planned bus services where it is necessary to pick up and drop off passengers at different stops, such as pick-up routes for the elderly or organized trips.

The mobile app allows planning pick-ups and alightings at the stops scheduled for each passenger.

It has an administration system in the cloud based on our ESENCIA content manager, from where we can manage lines, routes, passengers, incidents, exceptions, etc.

The bus driver or monitor has a specific app to automatically report the location of the bus, mark boardings and alightings, as well as send notifications about any incident.


  • Creation of lines and import/export of routes.
  • Assignment of lines and stops to passengers.
  • Exceptions management:
    • Modification of bus capacity per day or route.
    • Indication by the user of a change of line, stop or non-use of the assigned transport.
  • Monitoring:
    • Registration of boarding/ alighting, times and incidents.
    • Consultation of each passenger's activity.
  • Notifications:
    • The monitor/driver will share notifications or inform of any incident.

Users will have a map showing the location and stops of the bus, as well as the differences between the usual and the current scheduled time, among many other features.

The monitor/driver will be able to consult the routes that have been assigned to him/her, change lines and mark those boardings or alightings from the list of passengers.

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