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E-learning platform

Liceo is an e-learning platform and a support for in-class education.

The platform is highly flexible and has a large variety of modules which enables users to manage a training environment without needing any technical knowledge.

With Liceo, teachers can do their teaching, share information between teachers, communicate with students, publish materials, create exams and monitor students, among other tasks.

Liceo provides students a place to participate, share, learn and communicate with other students and teachers.

It allows parents to understand and get a closer view of their child’s education while improving communication with the school.

  • Esencia content manager
  • Users, permissions, private areas
  • Mark sheets and reports
  • Exams / questionnaires
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
  • On-line payment
  • User monitoring, statistics and reports.

Inter-profile communication:

  • Internal webmail
  • Debate forums
  • Chats
  • Pop-up messages
  • Comments and information rating
  • Notices and newsletters by e-mail
  • SMS messages

Creation of educational content: thanks to Esencia, it integrates accessible and multi-platform content.

Users, permissions, private areas: management of areas accessible by all users and tools which can be used. Includes advanced security options.

Monitoring of teaching activities: enables teachers to create mark sheets to monitor activities, exams, incidents, etc.

These marks may be private or accessed by parents and/or students or may be sent by e-mail or SMS.

Includes personalized reports which allow tutors to view more detailed information recorded for any student or group.

Evaluation / questionnaires: enables the manager to create exams or questionnaires made up of different types of questions: text, option, multiple choice, delivery of files or drop-down.

Bibliography: books and articles or references on the Internet.

Glossary: dictionary-like term definitions.

Sequencing: control access to published material and establish an order.

On-line payment: allows for e-commerce integration and the sale of products or access to private areas.

Monitoring: provides information on each student’s situation, the contents he/she has viewed and the exams passed.

Communication: Liceo enables users to communicate via webmail, start debate forums or chats from anywhere, send pop-up messages, comment and rate published information, send the latest news on the website in e-mail newsletters and send SMS or MMS notices.

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