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Responsive web design Websites that adapt to device size (mobile, tablet or PC)

The responsive layout shows the content in the most appropriate way according to the screen width of the device.

Try it out: resize your browser window or visit this website from any mobile device. You will see how it adapts to the available space.

desarrollo de web responsive adaptada a móviles

Over the last few years, web technology has undergone a great evolution. One of the factors that have motivated this change is the irruption of mobile devices in the market, with an enormous growth in their implementation. Internet access from these mobile devices already exceeds fixed devices, with a very favourable forecast for the majority use of mobiles and tablets.

To adapt to this new environment, it is advisable to adapt the websites to mobiles and tablets, but this does not mean developing a different website specifically for mobiles, but to base it on the technology known as "responsive", which allows the same website to be displayed differently on different devices, simply by applying different styles to each screen, so as not to duplicate information and also to facilitate optimisation for search engines.

A website or web portal is responsive or adaptable when it automatically adjusts to the type of device from which the user accesses it, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Responsive websites automatically readjust their size and location of content, images, buttons or menus.

By developing a responsive website, usability is improved, but also the maintenance costs of the website, as there is only one page, which is presented in different styles depending on the device.

These reasons alone are enough to make it advisable to adapt any website to mobile devices. But Google has also confirmed that it already promotes pages that are adapted to mobile devices in its searches, which is another compelling reason to adapt websites to mobile devices using responsive technology.

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