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E-learning platform

With Liceo, teachers can do their teaching, share information between teachers, communicate with students, publish materials, create exams and monitor students, among other tasks.

Liceo provides students a place to participate, share, learn and communicate with other students and teachers.

It allows parents to understand and get a closer view of their child’s education while improving communication with the school.

  • Esencia content manager
  • Users, permissions, private areas
  • Mark sheets and reports
  • Exams / questionnaires
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
  • On-line payment
  • User monitoring, statistics and reports.

Inter-profile communication:

  • Internal webmail
  • Debate forums
  • Chats
  • Pop-up messages
  • Comments and information rating
  • Notices and newsletters by e-mail
  • SMS messages

Creation of educational content: thanks to Esencia, it integrates accessible and multi-platform content.

Users, permissions, private areas: management of areas accessible by all users and tools which can be used. Includes advanced security options.

Monitoring of teaching activities: enables teachers to create mark sheets to monitor activities, exams, incidents, etc.

These marks may be private or accessed by parents and/or students or may be sent by e-mail or SMS.

Includes personalized reports which allow tutors to view more detailed information recorded for any student or group.

Evaluation / questionnaires: enables the manager to create exams or questionnaires made up of different types of questions: text, option, multiple choice, delivery of files or drop-down.

Bibliography: books and articles or references on the Internet.

Glossary: dictionary-like term definitions.

Sequencing: control access to published material and establish an order.

On-line payment: allows for e-commerce integration and the sale of products or access to private areas.

Monitoring: provides information on each student’s situation, the contents he/she has viewed and the exams passed.

Communication: Liceo enables users to communicate via webmail, start debate forums or chats from anywhere, send pop-up messages, comment and rate published information, send the latest news on the website in e-mail newsletters and send SMS or MMS notices.

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