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Development of applications for smartphones

The proliferation of mobile devices makes it possible to create solutions that were unthinkable until recently. At Sentido Común, we have experience developing mobile applications, mainly on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android platforms.

The development of mobile applications for smartphones offers some advantages over a mobile web, for example:

  • Access to phone book contacts.
  • Greater graphic capabilities.
  • Better use of maps.
  • Management of the terminal's resources: camera, speakers, microphone...
  • Use of system notifications, QR code reading, etc.

Among the applications that we have developed and are already available are the following:


Villaviciosa tourism app

All the tourist information of the portal turismovillaviciosa.es, as well as other advantages only available in the app.

Villaviciosa is a council located on the Asturian coast, bordering Gijón. It is a tourist town known for its estuary and its beaches, the most important of which is Rodiles. It is also the most important town in the Cider Region.

Monte Naranco School App

Application of the school Alter Vía Santa María del Naranco, in Oviedo. It is a free app to access the school portal from your tablet or smartphone without using the browser, providing greater convenience to the user.

Integra Energía Customer App

This app allows you to manage your supply points, contracts, and consumption. You can also view your electricity and gas bills online.

Mockup Integra Energía
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