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E-commerce solutions

Indispensable tool for selling and engaging with customers

Consumers consider and use the Internet in many of their shopping and purchasing decisions. E-commerce is not limited to the final purchasing process. E-commerce is the platform that many users use to decide and plan their purchases.

Having a self-manageable online catalogue is key. Being able to keep the catalogue and conditions updated is vital in any project focused on selling or promoting a product or service. Internet is nowadays the first showcase of any company and e-commerce must accompany the growing demands of users in terms of ease of use and security of the whole process.


An e-commerce solution must be able to accompany all steps of the process leading to the purchase or purchase decision. From the correct presentation of the product, allowing comments and ratings from users who bought the product in the past, to the shopping cart system that allows the user to amortize and optimize their purchase of various articles in order to proceed to payment when they are sure of the composition of their shopping cart.

An e-commerce portal is a sales portal. The usability and design must be oriented to improve the sales strategy and give users a good visual feeling as well as being user-friendly.

And finally, integration with secure payment platforms, whether they are bank POS platforms, payment systems through portals such as PayPal, or the development and integration of secure payment protocols, with the appropriate certificates and validation systems.

An Intranet where the portal manager can process and notify the steps of the order, and an extranet where the customer can at all times know the status of his order, are part of the excellence in the e-commerce solution.

Successfully integrating all these functionalities will turn the portal into an autonomous sales unit, a company in its own right. Project management focuses on the most complicated part: deciding what to sell.

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